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 on: August 14, 2016, 06:32:24 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

Since this thread will deal with copper wire and magnets, I thought I would also post here regarding a question raised at OUR entitled "Do permanent magnets DO work?", instead of posting there and risking any off topic situation. I had been very busy in the last weeks and will start posting more and more of my posts here and fewer and fewer on other forums from now on. 

Magnets do work all the time by being a unique form of magnetic presence. Try being a magnet. Try arranging your atoms in a way that the nuclei in each mutual atom is swaying against other nuclei without any outer influences and without going into a runaway condition that would revert them to plasma.

The problem with magnets is how we see them. We see them as a physical object that sports this very snazzy field coat and by passing that field across copper wires, electrons magically start to flow as what we call electricity. But there is no atomic, nucleic description of how this magical field impresses onto the copper atoms to move electrons. None at all. All you have is this one line description that technology has weaned to the hilt since 100 something years now.

Let me give you an analogy of what a magnet is. Let's say the magnet is a big fat juicy T-Bone steak and the copper wire atoms are like Hound Dogs. Now that steak is really well spiced and ready to go on the barbecue but all of a sudden the dog sees the steak in your hand and runs towards you eager to get a bite. Now that steak has a really strong scent of meat that permeates a good 2 to 3 feet around it. Even you get the whiff. Now let's see how the dog responds to the steak. When you move the steak in your hands left and right, does the dog follow the scent of the steak or does the dogs head follow the steak itself. Wow, you are right. The dogs eyes are locked onto the steak and not the permeating scent all around it. It does not care about the scent, it only cares about where and how the steak itself is moving.

That's how magnets and copper wire work. The atoms in the wire do not care about the field. They could not care less about the field because all they are concerned about is where does the STRONGEST magnetic influence originate from. That's what they look at. The magnet passes the wire, field or no field is pointless. The copper wire only sees the center of that magnet because that is where the strongest gravity presence is. That's what copper atom nuclei see. Not a field.

So the question is not does a magnet do work because the magnet is work. It takes work to be a magnet just like it took work for the cow to make that steak. Anything that is not immobile in its outer physical or inner atomic levels is doing work.

The question should be, "Can an immobile magnet create a change in outer conditions". NO IT CANNOT. It can only hold them in a state of stasis, whether this means permanently holding nuclei in a different vector or if it means doing nothing at all, stasis is stasis.

When a neo magnet is manufactured, it is not magnetic. It still requires a strong coil driven impulse to get it going. So what got going? Magical electrons are imparted to the magnet and this magically starts the magnetic influence. NO. If you study the atomic make up of the neo magnet and look at the sizes on those atoms, you will quickly learn why according to spin conveyance, those atoms are perfect for a mass alignment of their swayable nuclei.

The neo was made with randomly located atoms. There is nothing premeditated in the positioning of the atoms themselves in the magnet and this positioning cannot change ever, even with a super strong magnetic impulse used to "activate" the neo into a magnetic effect. The only thing that is left in the neo atoms is the nuclei themselves. The nuclei is the key. In randomly positioned atoms (RPA), the nuclei still have a level of liberty but not total liberty for all nuclei to point to one direction. They have a degree of sway-ability but the actual fixed vector of each atom will determine how they are positioned as a random atomic matrix of neo mass. When that strong impulse is applied what happens? The atoms do not change position, that would be  otherwise the neo would just pulverize into powder. It is the nuclei that are strongly attracted to the impulse which is basically a sudden strong change in gravity around the neo. Since each nuclei is made of different proton and neutron counts, the difference of these two is what I call the HeavySide which is like taking a ball that has a center axis but weighs slightly more on one half of the axis so the ball has a natural tendency to have the heaviest half of the ball point down towards the Earth center of gravity. That natural pointing to the nearest gravity source in our case is the center of Earth is the natural latent state of the nuclei.

When the neo gets impulsed, this now produces a gravity source 1000s of times stronger then the Earths local influence so the nuclei sway to the new strong source which changes the latent vectors of the nuclei. Now since more nuclei are pointing in the same direction this produces nucleic vector push-pull that cascades from one nuclei to the next. One nuclei moves and influences those beside it and all this nucleic sway is now initiated and keeps going on its own without any more outer influences. Perpetual motion does in fact exist inside a magnets nuclei.

So imagine we produce neos with this very basic low level tech and an actual random imposition of a strong impulse to the randomly positioned neo atoms. We are working with neos at their very infantile level of technology and as years progress, if we keep the electron/field modus, we will never think of moving further into making better, stronger and more versatile neos. We'll just remain at this neolevel 1, and never consider doing better. But the better is just a few more impulses away. Once we start experimenting with how to better impulse a neo, we could get these magnets to become 100 times stronger or in spin conveyance, 100 times greater gravity influence.   

We are just looking at our present tech in the wrong way. We have been taught to look in one direction even though the logic behind it is totally illogical. This is what is holding us back.

But the work, the magnet is work. It was not a magnet before receiving its impulse. Once the impulse was applied, the magnet started working on its own. No other input required. So it is doing work simply being a magnet that you can now use to make anything you want.

The biggest point here is to not look at the magnet as a source producing an outer field. Forget about that damn field. It is a suckers illusion. The copper atom nuclei don't give a damn about the field because they already know the strongest influence is coming from INSIDE THE MAGNET. The atom nuclei see the center of the magnet, not the outer whatever we think is there field. The center provides a precise vector point to which guys should make their devices in that viewpoint and not in the viewpoint of the outer field.


 on: August 14, 2016, 06:01:31 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

Here is an idea for a new build that I have never seen tried anywhere.

The idea stems from some posts I have made recently on SC. If you consider anyone that builds a very complex device to work towards OU, all those active parts of the build converge from primary to secondary and ultimately to a load. So all this activity results in the last 1 inch of the wire going to load having all the energy at that one point for the load to then use it and light up, turn, make a noise or whatever else the load is called to achieve.

So that last one inch of the total system, that last one inch of wire is actually the one doing the most work because it is there that the load gets all its juice.

So the question is, what if we decided to bypass the total OU device completely and just concentrate on that last one inch of wire. Is there a way that we can "induce" all the require spin conveyance to that one inch of wire to then accommodate the load without all this complicated primary pulsing and secondary capturing game we have been playing for 150 years now.

The proposed device I am thinking about is drawn below. I don't know yet if it is mechanically feasible at this point but will be looking into this for the coming weeks. Probably buy using the center open area of a ceramic bearing.

It is basically a straight piece of wire, let's say a #12 AWG copper so it can stay straight while a magnet with only one polarity spins around the wire. This is a starting point to a new realm of OU research I believe will produce both a new way of building our OU toys and a new way of looking at how electricity is not a field to electron phenomenon but more a spin conveyance attribute built into each and every copper (or conductive) atom.

If a magnet can induce momentarily just by passing one wire, then it should induce continuously by rotating around that one wire.

If there is anyone that has the mechanical prowess to try this, please let me know by PM on OU or OUR, or if you need further details. This is only the beginning. One or more magnets, variable magnet angularity to spin, and other factor will eventually play into this but at this fledgling stage, simple magnet spin with one central wire is a good start. Or, if you would like to have access on this EI forum, let me know.

I will post two drawings, one I did back in January 2016 and a new one to show the same idea.


 on: July 15, 2016, 12:05:46 AM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

Well it seems the JT thread at OU has been revived and as you will read there how @MH is still on this Geronimo vendetta against @tinman. Man, @tinman is still keeping his cool so what's the situation.

The thread continues here...

OK, so @tinman has posted two circuits as included below. Circuit 1 is as per the initial circuit in my previous post showing how Spin Conveyance sees the exchanges of potential being active at every transistor switch on and off. In that circuit the LED is located parallel to the transistor collector/emitter.

In circuit 2, the LED is located parallel to the L1 coil with the LED pointing to the positive line.

So in essence both circuits are identical except for their LED positions. But with both of these what is so puzzling is that all that is found to be interesting in which circuit will light the LEDS brighter. That, for me, is such a mundane question and wonder what it will explain, what will it show, what will it help in advancing our understanding of this simple little circuit that I have found to be pivotal in so many other ways.

What catches my eye in these two circuits and their very apparent difference in LED position is how the negative potential is playing in these circuits.

We can see that in circuit 1 with the LED having one end directly connected to the negative side of the battery, for this circuit it is more then evident.

So what about circuit 2? If you take the standard method of EE that states that "current flow" occurs from the positive to the negative, when in circuit 2 can the LED receive any negative signal? At transistor open, the positive will permeate L1 and both sides of the LED. At transistor closed, the positive as per standard EE, will simple continue to the negative side of the battery so where is the negative? That is the question that guys need to run down and fully try to understand.

All the rest of this thread with @MH just clobbering @tinman at every turn will teach you nothing. Nothing more then how to remain blind or ignorant to the real effects and the true reasons behind them.

One of the reasons will be evident when you take a battery, a diode and a dc bulb and see how the bulb lights or does not light when you place the diode at the four possible different positions. hehehe

Once yo go through the mental imaging of the circuit you will quickly realize that the animation shown above is the only real logical method for the function of the circuit and this then sheds light on so many other effects.


 on: July 04, 2016, 11:54:17 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

First I want to thank those that have sent me e-mails regarding SCT. I know some of you have asked for a @username on this forum but right now, I really just want to get the ball rolling in a certain direction. I have asked some people directly should they wish to have a username at EI and will continue inviting people directly. Please excuse me if I have not responded to each and everyone who emailed lately.

I am in the process of preparing Part 3. I am starting to realize that this whole thing will take a good 10-15 parts since the Atom is not only relegated to EE but so many other scientific disciplines that it's hard to keep straight on topic when veering off is so tempting.

OK, so what I have done to try and ease the comprehension is produce a small rather crude animation that is attached herein.

This is depicting a copper wire, inside that wire you have copper atoms, and then showing one copper atom with its central Nucleus that shows the off balance count between Neutrons and Protons are per the Periodical Table of Elements. The off balance of 6 in the case of the Copper Atom is called the Heavy Side (HS). It is this HS that responds to outer stimuli such as a passing magnet.

The Nucleus is able to Sway its HS to face the oncoming magnetic influence and follow it along as the magnet passes by and away and when a new magnet arrives from the right, it sways to that new magnetic influence and repeats the same process. I am also showing how a standard sine wave is produced by this same action/reaction all without any fields or electrons present since the Sway is conveyed along the length of wire nucleus to nucleus.

Now one can also understand that since Atoms are not all arranged in a way that their HS points towards the passing magnet, this produces the "cancellation effect" that is so prevalent in all our present day coils. Cancellation is the main reason why we do not have OU with our standard toys although many devices have come close, the inherent defect in our wire is a major stumbling block.

But I have to say this. This animation as well as the animation I posted in the JT thread is the first time the world has ever seen such a construct. The first time ever. So of course I do not expect everyone to understand this right away but just realize this. These two animations provide more fluency to the effect of electricity then all of the EE constructs put together thus far after 150 years.

After so many years, I have not seen or read one single explanation of how a field imparts its magic to electron ridden copper wire to make it "flow" in a preferred directional manner that we call electricity. After 150 years, everyone is still in this zombie mental mode not really knowing how to work out the EE construct in a concrete manner in the mind, so you can close your eyes and see the action occurring. Without this ability to visualize the atom in action, we have basically been working blind. So imagine now, with this new SCT and STEP model, what are the possibilities. They are endless. We just got the Atom in the action zone and kicked out the field and electron imposters. This will be the beginning of a great new era. I know this sounds very pretentious especially when you only see two low quality animations but there is always a start. I am doing my best to put this idea out there.

Once STEP and SCT sets in, you will never do without. Every time you listen or read an EE explanation of how this or that "works" (but only actually responds), you will be there thinking "WTH is this guy saying".

Regular EE uses words like field, electron, voltage, current flow, flux and so many other terms that in actual fact have no real description besides having their place in man made formulas. This is like someone who is really hungry and would appreciate eating a good plate of spaghetti. But all you see are cook books with recipes but no one can actually sit you down and feed you a great plate of spaghetti. Each time you enter another restaurant, all they say is "Here is our recipe". hahahaha

This is the same thing with our present EE. Lot's of recipes but no one can cook the food and let you taste it. You can't even use your mind to even imagine the sensation because no one has ever actually made the recipe because it only calls for invisible ingredients that no one person can handle. So the book of EE is all we have plus a ship load of faith.

By contrast, SCT is saying "Look, the Atom and its Nucleus are responsible for all the effects you have ever seen on your bench. When you start to understand this, it will automatically change the way you look at your coils, your magnet, why you are winding so many turns, the importance of line of sight, action at a distance, heat, waves and so much more. 

I'll stop here for now.


Hmmmmmmm, my animation file is too big so I put it here. I posted the last frame of that animation below.'%20stuff/Spin%20Conveyance/animations/

 on: July 01, 2016, 01:17:01 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup
Hello @all.

OK, I will be using this thread to just discuss things that are on other Forums. I will try to make a link to the thread in question at the start of the posts or if there is just general talk then no link will be required.

I want to start this thread as a place that I can  just post my thoughts as I see the world of OU evolve hopefully from the EE straight jacket into a burgeoning of Spin Conveyance based progress. I know it will not be easy. It is hard enough preparing Part 3 of the STEP and SCT since the atom is the main player that can be involved in so many many facets of our lives, it's not easy to keep a straight line of thought. So while that is being advanced, this thread will be my daily place for shooting the breeze in all forms of topics.

To start with, I would like to refer to a thread at OUR entitled "MH's ideal coil and voltage question" located here.

In this thread we have @milehigh who is simply there to attack @tinman and push his EE ideal coil and ideal voltage so that @tinman will magically become an EE convert. Imagine, EE has to use an ideal voltage that cannot increase or decrease in time applied to an ideal inductor of 5H and they want to know what will happen when these two non existent forces meet. And from this, they are supposed to try and inculcate some level of EE savvy onto the masses. This is like someone getting a lobotomy to study stupidity. If you go through that thread you will see that @tinman has provided ample points for them to back off and reconsider their stances, but no, in the end @MH just yells out to @tinman "You are a coward". Well the only coward there is @MH for not being able to go above and beyond his little limitations of EE.

OK, EMF, CEMF. Are they real or are they an illusion? If they are real, they need to have a physical presence hence a physical expression otherwise they are not real in our world of physical reality. So were is this EMF and also this CEMF that is supposed to be countering the EMF in exact force and kind? hahaha.

In EE it's  to put your finger on them when all you have is "current flow", "electron flow" and "magic fields" to play around with all day then wonder, what did I just learn today. Well you learned that the most unproven concepts of modern times are to be relegated to the top of the intellectual totem pole and if you don't like it, you will never advance in the closed world of electronics and dare we say never advance in the field of OU. hahaha This is where we are. You see, we do have some very fine toys that make our lives so much easier and because these toys work, they automatically enforce or uplift the EE construct as being real. But we all know EE understanding does not have to be real to work. Like when @MH constantly beats into your head "That's how a coil works", hahahaha. But that is not true. The truth is, that's how a coil responds to outer stimuli but that does not explain how it works. Knowing how something works happens when you can take it apart, see how it is made, then put it back together and make it work again. That's when you know how something works. All @MH can say is "That's what coils respond too". That would be closer to the truth.

They say the EMF applied to the coil is met by the CEMF that counters the advancement and from this whole big mess of actions we magically produce current flow. It's such a null statement that it is hard to disagree with because you just don't know where to grab first to start tearing it apart. It's like a slimy slippery snake that you can never hold in your hands because it always manages to slide away.

So let's just take one step at a time here. What is voltage, because that is what is being applied to the coil? Well we say voltage is a potential difference (PD). Wow. Now that says it all. Let's all go home and be happy now. Wow, a potential difference. OK, what is a potential difference? They say that when you measure across a voltage source, you are measuring the potential difference across that voltage source. Again, such a revelation should have remained as the Fourth Secret of Fatima. It's just way to profound for the common man to comprehend. But what does it mean?

Well, the PD can be anything. You can have +20 volts on the positive side and -5 volts on the negative side of the voltage source and your scope or volt meter will show what? 25 volts as the PD. Wow 25 volts, know that is so great to know but how will you be able to know that the positive is at 20 volts and the negative is at -5 volts. That you will never know. Not with EE.

All you will see is the PD and from there most EEers consider that when they see 25 volts PD, one side is 25 volts and the other side is 0 volts. That you will never know because the way we do our measurements excludes any consideration of energy being present as a pointal base. It always has to be a comparative of two specific points. Even though everything in our universe is a pointal presence, we can see another planet, we can see other galaxies, we can see a rock heading for our head, we can see a kiss approaching our cheek, we can see everything as pointal, but not EE. No way. EE is special. It always needs two points to produce a PD that really does not mean anything at all because you never consider the two pointal expressions which are the only reality present in the measurement exercise. Yes but it works. It sure does. But it is like EE is working in Braille even though you can see you are asked to remain blind to some facts.

OK, so voltage is a PD, fine let's take that. Like any voltage source you have a positive and a negative connection in the case of DC, or, you have a hot and a neutral connection in the case of AC. We call the applied voltage an Electro-Motive Force (EMF). But hold on a minute. Electro means what? It means electron based. But where are the electrons and how do they know which way to "travel". Don't ask don't tell. OK, then Motive. Motive is always physically based in solid mass reality. Again don't ask. OK, then Force. Well Force again has to be a physical event. Just take them and run will y'a. OK. So we have EMF. Wow. All this invisible, non-physical action is happening so politely that it generate a real physical force called EMF. Hmmmm. I don't think so but nice try EE.

In understanding EMF and CEMF, the first ingredient, voltage is already so badly understood that everything else that comes after it is just skewed to a popularity contest. The more people like it, the more will follow it and EE has had 150 plus years to coral a following, so today, no one asks these questions anymore. No one dares place any doubt on the EE because it pays our bills. But how will you advance if you do not? Is deepening the EE really advancement when a simple thing like voltage is so evasive to common understanding that one already needs to have a high level of imagination to place these events in our working minds that just yearn for clarity where clarity is absent. Absent because the only thing EEers can grab onto is, apply the voltage, electrons flow, the CEMF counters and produces current flow. Flow flow flow, always invisible electron and current just flow like water in a river. That's it. That's all you have to go by. Now just forget about visualizing resistance, inductance, impedance, capacitance and all the other ances out there. Those are not even on the visual table for EEers to put into a mind play. You see (pun not intended) why I say EE is Braille Technology. Just too many unseen, unknown considerations that are spelled out in formulas that have such official sounding bases and rules and laws that anyone who is green and ready to learn will fall into it and quickly learn to not ask hard questions.

OK, ok I know I can get to be a pain in the ass and I am not your regular academic with such a polished repertoire, I can be crass at times, but that's my way of making sense of all this in a way that I can only talk about it to convey something that is so hard to see as wrong and even harder to explain as wrong.

Applied voltage, if not a physical condition cannot produce anything motive, any more then dreaming of a nice rich breakfast will fill your stomach. There is no way out of it. When you apply voltage how can you only apply EMF. The voltage applied has two conductors. If applying voltage applies EMF, then is absolutely also has to apply CEMF and what great luck, our voltage is applied by two conductors. The applied voltage or applied PD has to apply both the EMF and CEMF to the coil. The coil does not care. Connect it one way or the other, the Copper Atoms in the coil wire are totally impartial to how it is connected because the actual EMF and CEMF is coming from the applied voltage and nothing else. There is no CEMF in the coil. It is produced in the coil as an effect of applying the PD, potential difference, one side EMF and other side CEMF. This is always the case when a coil or any other single object is exposed to a PD because we work our devices in a linear mode, going from one side to the other side, always. Once we start working our devices in dual mode, EMF and CEMF will no longer matter. They will become two pluses to an overall effect and not the half plus half hindrance we consider it to be today in our regular EE modes. So much loss of the potential and we wonder why our schools do not push us out of this quagmire because the profits of loss are too important to deny. We teach loss acceptance because someone up there is cashing in every single minute.

OK, veering off again.

We have to take a small turn here to understand something very important. Close your eyes and imagine a system with a water tank, a pump, a length of pipe that returns to the water tank. So turn the pump on and the water will now flow in a continuous loop starting from and returning to the water tank. Now imagine you have included two water flow meters, one at the pipe exiting the water tank before it feeds into the suction side of the pump and one at the pipe just before it returns to the water tank. So if the water is pumped at 5 gallons per minute (gpm), WHAT WILL THE FLOW METERS INDICATE? Yes, you are right. Both meters will indicate 5 gpm. No more no less. This is a perfect example of something flowing originating from a source and returning to a target either being the source or anywhere else, this does not matter. The important thing to keep in mind is that flow, to flow has to be the same in and out otherwise there is no flow possible. You cannot suck in 10 gpm and return only 5 gpm. You cannot suck in 5 gpm and return 10 gpm. So flow is exactly that, flow in, same as flow out.

Now take any coil you want. Take any pulse method you have and apply it to the coil via two Current Viewing Resistors (CVR), one on each end of the coil before the voltage is connected. Now drive the coil any way you want and take your scope and scope across both CVR's. WHAT WILL YOU SEE? Will you see two identical sine waves? What. I can't hear you so you will have to say it out loud. No you don't. Yep, you will never see two identical sine waves. Never. This means what in terms of flow? One side shows 1 amp and the other side shows .05 amps. So where is the current flowing too? Right. There is no current flowing ever and you just proved it right there. Right there EE will now say so many magical things like, well, you have heat loss, loss to resistance, so much loss that this is why you see nothing at one end of the coil. I don't care how you want to falsely rationalize this. There is still no current flowing in that coil and there never will be any current flowing in that coil, no more then there will be electrons flowing in that coil because everything inside that coil is physically accounted for as Copper Atoms. EE will try to say the electrons flow as EMF, and the coil produces the CEMF and from that we have current flow. Where the hell is it possible for all this to happen inside the coil? There is no where, there is no way, there is no possible way for electrons to do that.

So we have a voltage source. So what is voltage? Well, it just can't be electrons flowing in the wire and it cannot be current flowing in the wire either. We just showed that is . Then what is voltage? Awww shucks, you had to ask that one really bad question again. Now we have to take another turn and visit a power generating station. This station is hydro-electric, meaning water that is stored at a high altitude is left to fall in a controlled tunnel then through turbines that turn by the force of the water flowing. Those turbines are connected to giant generators. Inside those generators, you have these huge magnets that line the center turning rotor while around the rotor you have these huge stationary iron laminations with copper wire coils wound in a way that when the magnet polarity passes a wire, it produces electricity. Wow. So electricity is what? It's the voltage. So how is the magnet creating voltage in the coils? That is the 60,000 dollar question that has been the Achilles Heel of EE since 150 years now when the first wrong turns of science were made and we have been on patch mode ever since.

EE says that the magnet has this magical field around it, that is not physically possible to feel but you can put a compass next to it and see the needle turning towards the magnet so this is why our grand science has accepted that a magnet has a field. All our science is based on this one grand illusion and all our scientific EE formulas were designed or should I say concocted to reinforce that one illusion. You see this cannot be any more real then if someone punched you in the face with a thought. The punch has to came from a real fist hitting a real face. The punch did not come from the fists field just passing by your face. It really hit it smack dab solid, physical to physical, because in our physical reality only a physical action can cause a physical reaction. So that magnet cannot have a field. The magnet can only have itself. The coils cannot have electrons. The coils can only have themselves. So what's left when you eliminate the magnets field and the coils electrons. You don't know? Well it's not a great mystery. You are left with Magnet Atoms and Coil Atoms. So why did we decide to make this generator with magnets and coils. Yes, because the magnet has an affinity to mimmick what every respectable hunk of mass is attracted to and that is Gravity. Magnets simulate Gravity because that is all atoms can do in the end, produce gravity. It's just that a magnet produces concentrated gravity in a small package. So what about the coil. What can it do? Well the coil has Copper Atoms and each of those atoms have a gyroscopic slightly off balanced nucleus where the off balance will always want to point towards the strongest gravity presence. When nothing special is around them, they all point down to the center of the Earth as the closest strong gravity presence. But when the magnet passes it, wow, it's like a dog just saw a squirrel and they just fix that magnet as it passes by and once it is too far, the next magnet comes by and the nuclei fix that next one and follow it and this is how the nucleus of the copper atom works. It is endowed with a very reactive gyro-nucleus so it responds to outer stimuli like a passing magnet or it responds to inline stimuli as in an applied voltage source and this stimuli is then conveyed from one atom to the next without any electron or field involved or required until that conveyance is sent to the end of the wire.

So now.............what is voltage? Voltage is a source of spin conveyance. The spin is described in Part 2 of the STEP and SCT on this forum. Part 3 will get deeper into the atomic nature of the Spin Conveyance. But for this discussion, Voltage is spin conveyance. But let's say I take a 1/4" thick copper wire of 20 feet and apply 1 volt at .1 amp to it. Do you think all the atoms in that copper wire will be active in the conveyance of that small amount of energy? No way. It will produce only a very thin stream of atoms active in the conveyance of that energy and chances are at only 1 volt, the conveyance will not even make it to the end of the wire.
OK analogy time. Take 10 flyback transformers and hook them up so you can have any number of them running via 10 manual switches and 10 rheostats (RH) on the primary. Put all the high voltage outputs in parallel across a spark gap. Run one flyback with the RH at low. This will produce a very thin and short spark. Now increase the RH so more voltage is going to the primary. Now the spark is still as thin but it is now longer. Increase the RH again. The spark is still the same thinness but it is now much longer. Now add the second flyback at the same RH as the first. Wow, the spark is just as long but now it is double the thickness. As you set all the other RH's to maximum and add then to the group of flybacks, the spark stays the same length but by the time the tenth flyback is on, the spark is now really thick almost solid looking and the length is always the same. So as we increased the RH we increased the voltage and as we increased the number of flybacks in action, we increased the current now producing this really nice spark.

So what does this tell us about voltage and current. In spin conveyance voltage is how far a signal can be conveyed and current is the number of copper atoms active in the conveyance. When that 1/4" copper wire is pushed with only 1 volt and .1 amp, the stream of conveyance is as thin or thinner then the single flyback spark. As I increase the amperage or current to 1 amp, now the stream of conveyance is much thicker but at 1 volt, the distance of conveyance is still weak. Now if I increase the voltage to 100 volts and 25 amps, wow, now the conveyance in the copper wire is much thicker and with 100 volts, the conveyance can reach the end of the wire no problem.

So what he have is this. Voltage is the distance of conveyance and current is the number of atoms active in the conveyance. So simple. So direct, So exact. So easy to visualize in the mind. So fluent because it is applicable to every single effect we have every seen on the bench or anywhere else. So precise that now this will explain exactly what resistance is in atomic copper wire, inductance, capacitance, etc. With a physical atom having a physical gryo-nucleus, there is nothing that cannot be explained in our effects. You no longer require fantasy current flow, electron flow or field imposition. These three just got junked after 150 years of foolery. Y'a y'a foolery that works is still foolery.

So let's now go back to the start about EMF and CEMF.

If the voltage source is a source of Spin Conveyance (SC), that spin is seen from one end as one polarity and the other end as the other polarity. Actually, the spin is always the same but seen from each side of the source as + and - the spin source when applied to the coil wire does not travel through the wire, it is conveyed fro both ends through the wire without any moving electrons. The SC enters the coil but let's now take the real steps of connecting the coil first.

Let's say you first connect the positive of the voltage source  to the coil. As I had shown in my Half Coil Syndrome (HCS) videos, that conveyance is now reaching to the open end of the coil that is not connected yet. That conveyance sets up what we know to be the CEMF. Now when you connect the negative that conveyance now wants to fight against the positive conveyance and that fight will reach a point of equilibrium where the positive and the negative conveyance reaches the center of the coil winding. The negative push is the EMF. Whichever polarity is connected first becomes the source of CEMF. Then the other polarity when connected to complete the conveyance circuit becomes the EMF. Cemf sets up and EMF completes. All this can do is create a change in only happen up to half way inside the coil end that got connected last. So easy.

So what happens here. Well unfortunately this is the classic EE situation that produces HCS because the only real change happening in the coil is the half of the coil that is being connected last. This is HCS. What you see with the CVR is how many atoms are active in the conveyance and does not imply any current flow on anything.

OK, I will stop here for now.

Look, I know this is hard to understand at the start but  just imagine how hard it is for me to start explaining this concept of SC. I know that in a few years when a few academics get on this, they will be more in line with how to prepare this for future students as an optional course in electronics. I am not the best one to do that. I am only the jerk that layed the egg. Others will definitely be required to sit on it for it to hatch into a full fledged new science of SC. This touches not only EE. It touches everything. All Atoms. I will say more in Part 3.

The Atom turns out to be the greatest lego in the Universe. No field or electron required.
I have to keep saying that all the time.


Note: Reedited July 01, 2016, 10:11:01 PM

 on: June 24, 2016, 12:16:45 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup


The question of Flat Earth (FE) had also got me troubled as I am sure any sane person with a working brain can make the correlations between observation and derivation that the story of our globe has some drawbacks, mainly no one just sent a damn space vehicle out into space just to take a million real photos of our complete globe then taking a video of it doing a full 24 hours rotation relative to a fixed point in space. Then to have it available to the public without any games. NO GAMES. Just take the damn pictures, a 24hr video and show us without any of this rendered CGI crap. Even the traditional globbies must admit that our present proof of the Globe is shaky at best.

I really had to work out this question since in Spin Conveyance the Atomic Nuclei is Gravity-centric but where is the center of gravity in a FE? In a FE gravity would still be required to be equal everywhere even on the edge or rim of the FE. That presented a problem. Also how can a FE be stable in space against all the other planets and the sun? Hard to fathom indeed. How can a FE absorb meteor impacts and not just wobble out of orbit?

So here then after thinking about this for a few long months, considering that yes the Governments of the World are all in cahoots to hold back the reality of our world for one reason or another as evidenced by the the NASA equals in other countries sharing their main logo theme, (the V) but also realize that a FE is simply not a viable option for a sound life harboring cosmic presence in our solar system, I have a New Theory of the Flat Earth Theory.

If the FE theory is real, it can only be real if the actual Earth itself was let's say 10 times its actual size and our known Earthly FE geography is only on 1/10th of the actual Big Earth Globe (BEG). This would make it sort of flat enough to be considered flat while still offering the need for a proper and stable gravity point all around the FE. Now if the real BEG was actually run by very advanced humans, aliens, or even Gazoo from the Flintstones, then our part of that Earth could be cordoned off as the FE held in by a circle or wall ice while it has been sold to us as a globe. Then yes our sky could be a dome with a mini sun and moon floating around above us. This would again explain to us why we see the suns rays as it darts out in all directions through a cloud opening when if the sun was actually 93M miles away such angular sun rays would be . Like a big fat juicy pimple on a big ball of otherwise normal big Earth we could consider the Flat Earth as flat but also on a big ball to receive all the cosmic benefits of a globe.

The reason for aliens or advanced humanoids to have produced this Flat Earth could be because our own planet could have been evacuated a long time ago due to a planetary extinction event and those who saved us brought us here so we could still go through the technological but more importantly spiritual evolution we would require to become responsible fellow space traveling humans. They gave us the liberty to choose our destiny no matter how long it took for us to find a proper path.

We would actually be no better then pets in a large zoo. The bet among our hosts would be "How long will it take these numbskullish humans to figure out how and why we will let them out". The Flat Earth would be one big Noah's Ark. I would sincerely hope this is why they did it, if the FE is indeed a reality.

I we consider the immensity of the universe, there is nothing to prevent an advance humanoid society from having built this actual Flat Eden we call Globe Earth. I could not relate to a Flat Earth other then in this manner since this would fall into accord with SC and the gravity physics of it.

Whatever becomes the reality, it is evident that we have been lied to in so many ways and in so many venues of life that for the common man, it is difficult to see through the maze of foolery because, like it or not, we are partaking of that foolery all while we keep a straight face. This to maintain some sense of sanity while every facet of our lives is controlled right now by money men playing war games.

If this world is the real school for heaven, then we all flunked the course. Now we have Planet X or Niburu and Nemesis that are supposed to be passing our way and will be sporting one hell of an extinction event punch so what does it matter. All these things if real are being kept from the public so again more possible lies. Always lies. We rewrite history the way it suits us, we believe in multiple gods and wonder why we are always at war. Imagine if we were never lied too. If we knew 300 years ago that an extinction event is imminent to all humanity, would we have all concentrated on surviving that event by pooling our resources, by making sure we built the right type of cities at the right places, by holding back on our exaggerated procreating levels and worked more towards longer individual life spans to ensure the human race actually had a chance in hell to survive the next punch, by opening up all real advancements of science and not keeping them for the few. Where would this world be today? Instead of being this jumble of near crud of cesspool existence while living in a lying factory being force fed religions and crap science, idolizing rock and movie stars and sports athletes while denigrating our own existence and wonders of our lives. Where would we all be today?

If you want a dilemma, then here is a good one.

If you consider Gill Broussard (youtube below) as having developed a valid data based look at the past, every 350 years or so we are in real big trouble. And the next big one will be in our lifetime making the urgency of discovering OU even more urgent. Not for us because chances are 90% of the people at OU Forums and everywhere else in  the World will be gone, but for those who remain, what chances will they have to keep the human race afloat?

After a world destructive event, where you have a passing Iron Rogue Planet (a real pain) 10 times the size of the Earth and highly magnetic that passes by us every 350 years or so, but this time, for the first time in Earths history, all the metal atoms that were well dispersed through out the Earths crust have now been brought to the surface and concentrated in all our metallic structures, cars, ships, planes, skyscrappers, you name it, it has metal. When this planet passes us, it will start pulling off metallic objects first, like any well respecting magnet always prefers an IronBar over any other, we will not only be hit by nature's wrath but by those same tools and toys we venerate.

Earth will tremble, the ground will open up, seas will splash about, the iron laden toys start to rise first as they float up into the sky and just get drawn to this Rogue Planet. Then as destiny would have it, we pass through its tail for half a day under a torrent of fireballs, while we tilt 27 degrees during four hours then another four hours tilting back (but not always back to where we were) and while our rotation slows down during those 12 hours to then speed back up to its original (or almost) rotation. 90% of humanity and social construction is gone. Where will those who survive buy their next Big Mac? Africa will survive because it is already techno deprived. What about the rest of us?

Even the anointed power holders and their minions having planned for themselves over many decades of robbing the public treasure to build themselves their own personal supposed underground safe havens will have only built their own expensive graves as the full force of these Earth changing calamities will take their toll on every point of this Planet. Their plan is evident. Survive the big one in enough numbers to take control of the remaining survivors under their own human slave based future. But their plan will not succeed because they will be annihilated in their own death traps.

So imagine now if each of us could live to 600 years we would each of us see at least one coming extinction event. It would be in each of our living memories and therefore our personal respect for those grander cosmic powers at play would be embedded in our collective mind-set and not forgotten after only a few of our present generations. Our communal effort would be evident, all effort to ensure the next round of planetary slam-a-roo will be survived once more. This is the ultimate destiny of any planet living beings but we seem to think our own little problems, our wants, greed, lust, envy, hate, perversion and our need for war and total control and power over others outweigh all other cosmic considerations. We have just wasted the human existence and nature is now cashing in our chips. Time to meet reality head on.

But if each of us could live for 600 years, what would you consider a just punishment for the offense of murder. Someone just killed 595 years of life by killing a 5 year old child. So what is the punishment now. 500 years? 300? 299? 150? 129? 100? Come on 100 years, would have to be an automatic minimum prison sentence, What lower? 90..... no less. 80, 70, 60, 50, What lower again? 40, 30. What did you say? The current rate is 25. Wow. What was the question again?


Gill Broussard (youtube)

 on: June 22, 2016, 12:02:26 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

OK, I am starting this thread to explain more about Spin Conveyance Theory (SCT) using a simple Joule Thief Circuit (JTC) expressly under a thread started at located here:

That thread started off just fine back in 2009 and then continued recently by @tinman. He produced a few nice scope shots relative to probe point on the circuit diagram but the thread went dark with heavy argumentation and that was not productive hence my reason for abstaining from any further posts on that forum. Regardless, the thread is pretty good for the first 100 pages or maybe less.

I am putting up two diagrams and one combining those two in an animation of how SCT sees the JTC working so that visitors can have a few days to mull it over. I will then come back and expand on these since this is a DC drive circuit.

This is not easy stuff to cover when the perspective is totally new and trying to explain this is very subjective. Just keep in mind that in the circuit there are no electrons traveling or current flowing like you usually think. The action is done by the nuclei of the atoms conveying the positive (P) AND negative (N) spin from the battery to the circuit. The diode in the transistor simply prevents spin in one direction but allows spin to occur in the other direction. The spin is not like spinning a Top. When we say spin it can include any of the 6S spin attributes of the nuclei. In this case it would be more like Sway since this is DC, both P and N leave the battery from each and are conveyed through the circuit where they will meet at a neutral point in the circuit.

Since there is no electron or current "flow" there is no production of a magical "field", hence there is no "field collapse". The actual flyback effect is simply due to when the transistor opens the circuit from the N side, the P side RECLAIMS the circuit and that reclaim is done faster then simple conveyance of a P going "against" an N. When the N gives up, the P rushes the conveyance back into the full circuit and lights the LED. When the transistor is closed, the N now conveys back into the circuit, the LED goes off, the N gets to the middle of the right hand coil thus causing another "change" in the coil that reflects to the core and the second coil.

OK, let's just put this up and let it sink in a bit. I will be back soon.



 on: June 18, 2016, 12:20:14 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

On this thread I will be adding ideas on generating wheels, anything that turns.

First up the Star Wheel or 369 StarGen.

This first idea I thought of about a year ago and could be implemented in small or large scale. Instead of a magnet passing a thick iron or iron laminate core with a big fat pick up coil wound over it, the idea behind this wheel is to spread out the core and coil them individually winding only one layer per laminate. The individual winds will increase the voltage and the number of coils on laminates then paralleled will determine the amperage. The distribution of the laminate will also spread out any excess drag on the rotating magnets.

The outer drive wheel (9) takes advantage of leverage to turn the magnet ring as shown in side view of the drawing. But maybe the drive wheel does not have to be as high as in the drawing. The higher you go, the faster you need to run to obtain a decent rpm at the magnet radius. The magnet passage influences the coils from both sides of the magnets.

The idea is to use the output from the center (3) or the outer (6) coils to run the drive coils (9).

A simplified version could be done with a 3D printer. Another on the wish list. Not only the toy but the time to master it.

Small scale single laminate and coil experiments could be done with a rotating magnet to define the best way to wind the coil and even try core end bends to favor impress in one direction over the other.

Hope this gives some ideas.


 on: June 18, 2016, 01:36:40 AM 
Started by visitor - Last post by wattsup
wattsup: OU-OUR-EF

Hello everyone.

I started this Visitors' Lounge for individuals that are not registered to post in all the forum, to permit you to post your remarks, questions, etc., in this section only.

By default guests and visitors can view the complete forum with attachments, but only visitors and regular registered users can post to this section.

To enter under the visitor status just use the username "visitor" and password "visitor".

All I ask is that you start your post with your regular known @username that you use and the known OU forum your username is utilized. The forum can be the complete name or the abbreviation.


@johndoe : OU

Abbreviations for forums such as; (shown without the dot com).

Overunity = OU
Overunityresearch = OUR
EnergeticForum = EF
Peswiki = Piss (oh no, back up two letters) = PE
EtherImpress = EI
So I'm @wattsup : EI, 1/2 OU and OUR, full on the bench.

As usual, let's keep things civil otherwise posts may be deleted without any advisement.

Keep well.


PS: Since more then one user can use the visitor status, I have disabled many regular features such as modify, delete, etc.

 on: June 17, 2016, 02:47:21 AM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup
Are you looking for Ideas for Experiments?

This post #1 will hold my Shout Outs to anyone out there that can do experiments. I will add them on this post and hopefully some will have what it takes to accomplish any of them as this will help tremendously in the bettering of Spin Conveyance Theory (SC or SCT) as well as that which we hold today may either be stronger when integrated with or eventually fade out of favor, that will not be only up to me. hahaha

So I will give a summary of the experiments and if anyone can do it please PM me before with your plans on how to proceed.

Oh, if you are a university professor and have great ideas for new experiments that may go against the present grain of thought and you do not want to risk losing your position, send it to me via PM. I will post it here and but ask me to mark it as Origin: Anonymous, then I will delete your PM. hahaha

Lastly, if you have seen an experiment that would help explain similar effects, please let me know.


1. Magnetic forces in a vacuum. Origin: wattsup

Make a base and a jig that can hold four pairs of magnets under normal gravity as follows;

M = Magnet, E = Expanding Spring between Attraction, A = Ambient Repulsion Space N = North, S = South

BASE ---------------------------------

These should be mounted on a base, then do some distance measurements between the top and bottom magnets for initial Repulsion (A) and Attraction (E). Then take that base and secure it in a vacuum chamber that can gradually produce a good, serious vacuum. During the gradual rise in vacuum, see if there is any change in the distances of the four pairs. Provide a video of the experiment(s).

These can also be done in single pairs and four runs.

Please be careful since the Attraction magnets should have an expanding spring between them and should the vacuum suddenly arrive at any critical level that the Attraction is nullified instantly, the magnets could fly up and maybe break something.

If you consider how much was spent on CERN and on everything field related, it would be a true insult indeed if the field was but concentrated air, and maybe that explains why magnets loose strength when they get hot. That would then confirm that even CERN is not producing a field because they do their colliding in a vacuum as well and that would show that the coils are producing gravity and gravity being equal all around, the atom will still stay in the center, like it would in free space and their instruments would still show what they see now.

Hahaha. I know this is asking a lot but I have never seen or read anyone do this one experiment that would give any chance for the field to survive. could eliminate the field and for Spin Conveyance, either way, it would be good to know. I think only a University could do this as I do not have that kind of equipment.

So which University would like to do an experiment that could disprove the field in one shot? If nothing happens, great, but we still would need to see this as a minimal.

Basis: Drill a well to the outer edge of Earths core and tell me what will be the atmospheric pressure at that level. Like all would imagine it being very high, maybe high enough to float in air, like two balloons pressing against each other or like two repulsing magnets holding their own atmospheric integrity while being unhindered by manual touch.

The only experiment I have seen that comes to mind is this great demo of liquid oxygen poured over strong N/S poles of a huge magnet and what I see is so important since liquid oxygen can at least be seen. You can read my comment on that video since for me it is not conclusive if the liquid pouring effect is not also done on two pieces of wood or anything else non-magnetic to show that the effect only occurs between two magnetic poles. Search Liquid Oxygen on Youtube for more.

Now look at this one and listen to the explanation of oxygen;

So......when that finite volume of the liquid oxygen finally disappears, evaporates, returns to open air that for this magnet would seem as infinite in available volume, who is to say that the same concentration we saw is not still there. We know air is there but have we ever tested if it plays into the repulsion.

If there was a higher oxygen concentration on the magnet pole, can it be explained with this experiment of a magnet submerged in water? Can the oxygen in water want to concentrate on the magnetic pole so much that it will split off the water molecule and produce those two bubble clouds? hehehe

Have fun.


2. Solar Energy while mimicking Amazon Tree Tops - Origin: wattsup

It is well known that the richness of the undergrowth in the Amazon jungle cannot be explained by sunlight since it is covered by a rather dense tree canopy. Is it possible that constant sun produces less atomic vibration or ultimately a delta V (in voltage), while the moving canopy produces intervals of sun and shade that creates a higher delta V?

Take two sets as follows;
Small Solar Panel and Battery Charger Circuit, Battery, Volt Meter.
plus, one variable controlled electric fan or any other rotating fan type object.

Under identical sunlight conditions run both sets for 30 minutes to get a paired comparison. Then place the fan in front of only one of the sets so that the fan blades create a moving shade over the solar panel and set the rotation speed to a slow passage, vary until you can notice any rise or decrease in the volts in that set compared to the other. Show a video and tabulating results of volts and maybe fan rpm.


3. Animation and programming of gyroscopic sphere magnet (even 3D printing as well) Origin: wattsup

Imagine you take a 1" sphere magnet with its North and South poles and snap it into a gyroscopic mechanism that you can control by moving one or more variable sized magnets of variable type. So as you move the small magnets, the center sphere will react. hahaha This would be a dream in 3D.

Animation - Now imagine you have a million of those gyros all stuck inside a XX AWG length of copper wire. All of them all pointing down towards the Earth Core. Then a magnet passes nearby and they start turning towards it simply based on closest mutual vector points plus their mutual gyro conveyance which is one of the bases of Spin Conveyance.

You then add features like the center magnet is replaced by the nucleus of copper and you can include a few more or all periodical elements selection. You provide a degree buoyancy based on the atomic weight plus the spread between neutrons and protons for that element. The greater will be the pointer that provides a level for how reactive it is to magnetic influence. hahaha

You can then add a scope output showing what the slightest copper atom nuclei jitter, or sway, or show, or swing, or shoot, or stay would produce. You could program iterations in degrees per pico-second and start equating those to volts and amps. hehehehehe That would be so great to produce the link between SC and the scope.

You then include an amperage function that shows the cut away of a wire at X AWG and by varying the amperage you show that more and more or less and less atom are under the same gyrations.

This project is much more complicated then I could resume here so if anyone in really able to produce animations and have interest, please let me know.


That's it for now but I will add more of these on this post as well as any experiments that were done on of the above.


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