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 on: June 17, 2016, 02:45:32 AM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

OK, it's time to start opening this up.

I will be putting all pertinent information on SCT and STEP on this thread.

From now on, I will no longer be posting at (OU,com). I thought of also keeping clear of ( (as I had mentioned in my last post at and sorry for that) but find that even though the orientation is not as OUish as one would desire, @members there are still with the good intentions and moderation there is also convenient. Also, there is a history of great thinkers at OUR that cannot be denied. Yes there is a gold mine at OU was well, no denying it, but today there is no more room for OU. It will always remain an important archive.

I will however be migrating everything I have ever posted and pertinent to OU research from both forums and bring them into this forum venue which is presently not yet open for new @members. I still want to keep it locked for now.

If guys want to discuss things, please do it at OUR and i will be happy to talk with you there. Not at That place is now off my radar since it is only a slew of hindrance to anyone looking to advance in OU.

OK, enough of this crying already.

I am putting up two pdf files on what will be known as Spin Conveyance. Since this involves a new outlook on the Atom, the first Part 1 pdf will deal with an introduction and part two will go deeper but not all the way. I am working on Part 3 but Parts 1 and 2 should be enough for the well versed to get a good idea of SCT and what I also call the overall Atomic Model as the Stepanian Theory of Elementary Particles or STEP for short. hahaha.

I am sincerely hoping to hear from you either by posting at OUR, for now, or by PM at OUR, but please do not PM me at You can also use the visitors lounge but I reserve the right to delete distractions. No reason required.

What I am putting forth is a new way to look at our copper wire having fully participating copper atoms that have all the attributes already built into each one to produce all the responses you have every seen on the bench. My aim here is not to denigrate but to provide a new set of eye glasses for the OUer to start working on experiments in news ways that our present checkmated outlook seems to deny us.

New EI @Members will happen hopefully when guys submit a request.

Favored will be known @Benchers that can participate in small exploratory stuff.
Known EEers that first have OU as their main goal. Basically EEers would answer questions, produce predictions. Analyze data. Ensure phasing discrepancies are not overlooked.
Good math guys to produce some new formulas and predictors, guys in chemistry, physics, mechanics.
Only people that want to work towards open source OU.
No armchairs for now. You can talk about it at OUR or use the Visitor's Lounge.

If you guys see spelling mistakes or poor phrasing issues or anything like that, I would be grateful for your input. As far as direct criticisms of the work or ideas presented, may I just suggest that you hold off for at least 30 days and let this sink in before you jump in the air and castrate me as a world heretic. It took me years to come to these simple conclusions of nature so I think you guys should at least spend some time before you say anything yet. I know I am just a crude guy, no higher level academia, all self-taught, brash at times, a bugger at others, but always for OU. hahaha

Here is the basic deal. SCT will not change your EE (but I do foresee it as an academic option). It will give you a new visual basis to understand what you see on the scope. It will entice you to move into new coiling arrangements. Not by error, or by guess or by the same coil wound a million times already but by a new atomic perspective. You want to make electricity for free. Then start by considering the one and only guy that can get you there and that is the copper atom. You are working with copper atoms, not circuits of wound wire on a coil that creates a potential difference because of all those formulas. All of those formulas are only technicalities of the main event that is nucleic

Copper Atoms are like krill. The advantage of sticking together is that when one copper atom sees a blip, they all see the blip as the conveyance can occur against all other factors. The factors involved are not what you measure for voltage, amperage, conductance, RESISTANCE, that famous word resistance IS physical, not electron based and it's a measure of how imperfect the atomic alignment is, inductance is nucleic inertia and gives you that pop at disconnect. When you flex your muscles to lift up that 50 pound weight, your muscles feel the resistance of the weight not wanting to be lifted. That is as physical as it is in the copper wire man. And why the spin effect occurs, it occurs from all over, that's why they are together. Each Atom has its vector or look out point so all of the universe can be covered in terms of sensing a gravity change from any direction. Funny, that a 50 pound weight is just Mass under Gravity. Copper atoms are each a sensor and a drive conveyor. When that motor turns it really is because atom nuclei have actually physically turned or nudged "against" the oncoming influence as one of the SCT's 6S's.

The Primary asks the Secondary "Can you hear this?" as it pounds on the core.

When that high lake pours through those turbines to run those magnetic rotors, each pass creates a simultaneous "Can you see me now?". Imagine when that stator and rotor are made via OE standards turning in that downpour of nature and the stator replies "Give me more.".  

On a Farm regular EE would be like..... milking a cow. OU would be like... helping the cow become the best cow it can be. What is better? So which cow will treat you better? It's a crazy analogy but it's true.

OK, got to run.


 on: June 04, 2016, 04:07:27 PM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup

OK, I just opened this new category called Spin Conveyance Theory (SCT) because I realize today that this subject will be touching on so many effects, so many avenues of science that it cannot be simply contained in one thread and hope to even start to touch upon the significance of this topic.

I think it will be better to keep them spread out so people can hone in on certain specialties as time goes on.

So this thread will be used for general discussion and announcements.


 on: June 04, 2016, 12:03:16 AM 
Started by wattsup - Last post by wattsup
Hello to all who visit this closed forum.
As you can see the last post was around April 16, 2011 at which time I had put down my initial theory. Since the last 5 years I have had the opportunity to investigate even deeper the questions of electricity and have thus now produced a new revised theory which will be posted in a new thread.

For the purposes of total transparency and progression of thought, I am leaving this thread here as a milestone for me that marks passage of a major hurdle in this constant quest for the truth in our effects on our bench.

So this thread will just remain as is and I will be opening a new thread to relaunch this forum which is more of a venue for me and some that I will allow as active @members while the totality of the forum will always be available to the public.

Thanks again.


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