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Author Topic: wattsup with the Flat Earth  (Read 8600 times)
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« on: June 24, 2016, 12:16:45 PM »


The question of Flat Earth (FE) had also got me troubled as I am sure any sane person with a working brain can make the correlations between observation and derivation that the story of our globe has some drawbacks, mainly no one just sent a damn space vehicle out into space just to take a million real photos of our complete globe then taking a video of it doing a full 24 hours rotation relative to a fixed point in space. Then to have it available to the public without any games. NO GAMES. Just take the damn pictures, a 24hr video and show us without any of this rendered CGI crap. Even the traditional globbies must admit that our present proof of the Globe is shaky at best.

I really had to work out this question since in Spin Conveyance the Atomic Nuclei is Gravity-centric but where is the center of gravity in a FE? In a FE gravity would still be required to be equal everywhere even on the edge or rim of the FE. That presented a problem. Also how can a FE be stable in space against all the other planets and the sun? Hard to fathom indeed. How can a FE absorb meteor impacts and not just wobble out of orbit?

So here then after thinking about this for a few long months, considering that yes the Governments of the World are all in cahoots to hold back the reality of our world for one reason or another as evidenced by the the NASA equals in other countries sharing their main logo theme, (the V) but also realize that a FE is simply not a viable option for a sound life harboring cosmic presence in our solar system, I have a New Theory of the Flat Earth Theory.

If the FE theory is real, it can only be real if the actual Earth itself was let's say 10 times its actual size and our known Earthly FE geography is only on 1/10th of the actual Big Earth Globe (BEG). This would make it sort of flat enough to be considered flat while still offering the need for a proper and stable gravity point all around the FE. Now if the real BEG was actually run by very advanced humans, aliens, or even Gazoo from the Flintstones, then our part of that Earth could be cordoned off as the FE held in by a circle or wall ice while it has been sold to us as a globe. Then yes our sky could be a dome with a mini sun and moon floating around above us. This would again explain to us why we see the suns rays as it darts out in all directions through a cloud opening when if the sun was actually 93M miles away such angular sun rays would be . Like a big fat juicy pimple on a big ball of otherwise normal big Earth we could consider the Flat Earth as flat but also on a big ball to receive all the cosmic benefits of a globe.

The reason for aliens or advanced humanoids to have produced this Flat Earth could be because our own planet could have been evacuated a long time ago due to a planetary extinction event and those who saved us brought us here so we could still go through the technological but more importantly spiritual evolution we would require to become responsible fellow space traveling humans. They gave us the liberty to choose our destiny no matter how long it took for us to find a proper path.

We would actually be no better then pets in a large zoo. The bet among our hosts would be "How long will it take these numbskullish humans to figure out how and why we will let them out". The Flat Earth would be one big Noah's Ark. I would sincerely hope this is why they did it, if the FE is indeed a reality.

I we consider the immensity of the universe, there is nothing to prevent an advance humanoid society from having built this actual Flat Eden we call Globe Earth. I could not relate to a Flat Earth other then in this manner since this would fall into accord with SC and the gravity physics of it.

Whatever becomes the reality, it is evident that we have been lied to in so many ways and in so many venues of life that for the common man, it is difficult to see through the maze of foolery because, like it or not, we are partaking of that foolery all while we keep a straight face. This to maintain some sense of sanity while every facet of our lives is controlled right now by money men playing war games.

If this world is the real school for heaven, then we all flunked the course. Now we have Planet X or Niburu and Nemesis that are supposed to be passing our way and will be sporting one hell of an extinction event punch so what does it matter. All these things if real are being kept from the public so again more possible lies. Always lies. We rewrite history the way it suits us, we believe in multiple gods and wonder why we are always at war. Imagine if we were never lied too. If we knew 300 years ago that an extinction event is imminent to all humanity, would we have all concentrated on surviving that event by pooling our resources, by making sure we built the right type of cities at the right places, by holding back on our exaggerated procreating levels and worked more towards longer individual life spans to ensure the human race actually had a chance in hell to survive the next punch, by opening up all real advancements of science and not keeping them for the few. Where would this world be today? Instead of being this jumble of near crud of cesspool existence while living in a lying factory being force fed religions and crap science, idolizing rock and movie stars and sports athletes while denigrating our own existence and wonders of our lives. Where would we all be today?

If you want a dilemma, then here is a good one.

If you consider Gill Broussard (youtube below) as having developed a valid data based look at the past, every 350 years or so we are in real big trouble. And the next big one will be in our lifetime making the urgency of discovering OU even more urgent. Not for us because chances are 90% of the people at OU Forums and everywhere else in  the World will be gone, but for those who remain, what chances will they have to keep the human race afloat?

After a world destructive event, where you have a passing Iron Rogue Planet (a real pain) 10 times the size of the Earth and highly magnetic that passes by us every 350 years or so, but this time, for the first time in Earths history, all the metal atoms that were well dispersed through out the Earths crust have now been brought to the surface and concentrated in all our metallic structures, cars, ships, planes, skyscrappers, you name it, it has metal. When this planet passes us, it will start pulling off metallic objects first, like any well respecting magnet always prefers an IronBar over any other, we will not only be hit by nature's wrath but by those same tools and toys we venerate.

Earth will tremble, the ground will open up, seas will splash about, the iron laden toys start to rise first as they float up into the sky and just get drawn to this Rogue Planet. Then as destiny would have it, we pass through its tail for half a day under a torrent of fireballs, while we tilt 27 degrees during four hours then another four hours tilting back (but not always back to where we were) and while our rotation slows down during those 12 hours to then speed back up to its original (or almost) rotation. 90% of humanity and social construction is gone. Where will those who survive buy their next Big Mac? Africa will survive because it is already techno deprived. What about the rest of us?

Even the anointed power holders and their minions having planned for themselves over many decades of robbing the public treasure to build themselves their own personal supposed underground safe havens will have only built their own expensive graves as the full force of these Earth changing calamities will take their toll on every point of this Planet. Their plan is evident. Survive the big one in enough numbers to take control of the remaining survivors under their own human slave based future. But their plan will not succeed because they will be annihilated in their own death traps.

So imagine now if each of us could live to 600 years we would each of us see at least one coming extinction event. It would be in each of our living memories and therefore our personal respect for those grander cosmic powers at play would be embedded in our collective mind-set and not forgotten after only a few of our present generations. Our communal effort would be evident, all effort to ensure the next round of planetary slam-a-roo will be survived once more. This is the ultimate destiny of any planet living beings but we seem to think our own little problems, our wants, greed, lust, envy, hate, perversion and our need for war and total control and power over others outweigh all other cosmic considerations. We have just wasted the human existence and nature is now cashing in our chips. Time to meet reality head on.

But if each of us could live for 600 years, what would you consider a just punishment for the offense of murder. Someone just killed 595 years of life by killing a 5 year old child. So what is the punishment now. 500 years? 300? 299? 150? 129? 100? Come on 100 years, would have to be an automatic minimum prison sentence, What lower? 90..... no less. 80, 70, 60, 50, What lower again? 40, 30. What did you say? The current rate is 25. Wow. What was the question again?


Gill Broussard (youtube)
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